Payment is in 10 installments for the current school year. The rates are indicated in price per. installment and collection is from September to June. A starting fee of DKR 165 is added to the first installment to cover Copy-Dan, KODA, SpeedAdmin and copies. Additional expenses for purchasing sheets and renting instruments might occur.

Kolding Music Service is a part of Kolding Municipality. Please note that invoices from Kolding Music Service are distributed via and invoices may also be collected electronically via your netbank.

Please note:

Increased prices for students coming from other Municipalities than Kolding. Duration of lessons is  determined by class volume, level and subjects.

Prices 18/19:

Education for small children

DKR 175

Into the Music:

DKR 275


and Band School


DKR 330 

Solo 20 minutes: 

DKR 370

For adults: DKR 410

Solo 25 minutes: 

DKR 450

For adults: DKR 505

Solo 30 minutes:

DKR 545

For adults: DKR 605  

Solo 45 minutes: 

DKR 810

For adults: DKR 900 


Please note, that if you are attending a paid subject at Kolding Music Service attending choir is free of charge.

Talent Line

The Talent Line is DKR 175 per. month. Added to the price is additional payment for instrumental subjects and for piano minor subject.

Discount: In the event that you have 2 or more than 2 children attending Kolding Music Service it is possible to get a 10% sibling discount.


Please note that the payer must be the same parent for all children in order to get the discount.