We are happy to say that students get their own instrument at Kolding Music Service and that we have a large selection of various instruments for students to rent. 

In your first school year we offer electrical pianos with weighted keys for rent. 
It is not possible to rent Soprano flutes or drum kits at Kolding Music Service.

Rental instruments are sold on at an estimated price. Digital pianos are not sold on.

A few (special) instruments are strictly rental without any option to buy.

Ask your teacher before you buy
Kolding Music Service recommends that you consult with your teacher before buying an instrument and we are happy to guide you to ensure that you get the right instrument.


Rental prices:

Alt flute and tenor flute: DKR 32 per. month.

Ukulele: DKR 32 per. month.

All other instruments: DKR 65 per. month.

Rental payment is collected in December and May.